Hi, we are the band „Tunnelblick" and we are up to rock ;)
The band was founded in May 2014.

first only as a project that was initiated together with the Berlin musician Bernadette La Hengst and served as musical accompaniment for the play „Schwarzwaldstraße“ in Freiburg.


Meanwhile Tunnelblick has some songs about life on the street, love, grief and dreams for the future.
The lyrics are written by the band members themselves and based on their own experiences and different phases of life.

In the early days of Tunnelblick, most of the band lived on the street, sometimes for several years.
Today all band members are successful in life and don't have to worry about missing a roof over their heads or when they get the next hot meal.

A big contribution to this was made by making music together, because both the coherence within the band as well as „letting out" the feelings, worries and thoughts in the lyrics gave a lot of strength to continue.

Tunnelblick won first place at the annual conference of the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Mobile Jugendarbeit/Streetwork Baden-Württemberg e. V. and has also been associated with the Freiburger Straßenschule e. V. right from the start. An institution in Freiburg that supports young, homeless people.